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Why Wealth Managers Love Us

We remove the admin work in building strong client relationships.

Get early reminders and recommendations for gifts!
We remind you about more than just birthdays.

We go beyond the birthday.

We know your clients are important to you.  Make sure *they* know it too! Let Present help you recognize every important milestone.  

Grow your book of business

Present saves you 20+ hours of admin work per month, so you and your team can focus on meaningful work and in-person relationship building.

Save time on admin work so you can grow your book of business.
Send handwritten cards to your clients.

Send Handwritten Cards

Sending a physical card is a great way to stay top of mind (and within budget).  We offer high quality greeting cards for every occasion. 

It's your message! We just write it, stamp it, and mail it for you.

Elevated & Curated Gifting

Never again send a bottle of champagne to someone who doesn't drink! Our AI-powered platform curates the best gifts for each client, taking into account FINRA guidelines and company policies.

Elevated and curated gifting for your clients.
Get your clients added in seconds with our white glove service.

Easy to get started

Get your clients added in seconds with our white glove service. You'll have a direct line to our account rep team to assist on all your client management needs.

Automate & Streamline

Schedule your client gifts for the whole year in only 10 minutes. Or send a bulk order of holiday cards!

Check out our multiple options to streamline your process and save time.

Send your client gifts for the whole year in under 10 minutes.

Personalize For Greater Loyalty

We can personalize cards and gifts with your company logo or your client's name.

Personalize your gifts for greater loyalty!

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