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  • Can I send handwritten cards?
    Yes! You can send individual thank you cards, send cards to everyone on your client list...the possibilities are endless. You just fill in what you'd like the message to be, and our in-house team will write it, stamp it, and send your message on its way. Here's a quick look at sending an individual card.
  • What kinds of gifts can I send with Present?
    The short answer: Any kind you want! The slightly longer answer: You can use Present to send beautiful gifts ranging from flowers to baked goods to home decor...and more. Our marketplace is composed of items from small businesses, mostly those founded by women and BIPOC creators. All gifts ship with a gift note that you can customize for your recipient. You can also send handwritten, physical cards, if you want to send a message and not a gift.
  • Who is Present for?
    Present is for anyone who wants to strengthen their relationships without spending additional time and money. Here are a few types of people who use Present every day: Client-facing roles, like financial advisors and real estate agents, who use Present to build client engagement HR or People Operations at companies, who use Present to handle their employee gifting and recognition Talent agencies, who use Present to find the right gifts for their discerning clients Sales and business development professionals, who use Present to close deals and lower churn Regardless of your role, Present helps you remember when to reach out (for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other important moment) and helps you close the loop in just a few seconds. You can send gifts from our values-based marketplace or handwritten cards...and digital gifts are coming soon!
  • Can I schedule gifts in advance?
    Absolutely! You can schedule an individual gift ahead of time, or set up your gifting for the entire quarter. Either way, we save you time by letting you take care of your gifting in just a few minutes, on your schedule. Check out this quick video that shows how to schedule your gifting for the quarter!
  • Do you ship internationally?
    We can ship anywhere in the US, as well as to Canada and to the UK. We're working hard to extend our reach, so please check back soon for other countries.
  • How do I set up an account?
    Just head here to sign up for an account! You'll be led through the process from there with our white glove service.
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