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Julie Schechter and Monika Shah, founders of Present


We're Julie Schechter & Monika Shah, the founders of Present. We know how crucial gifting is to relationship-building. After our careers as a Harvard-trained lawyer and Northwestern MBA-trained startup operator we founded the successful gifting brand Small Packages and sold it to another female entrepreneur in 2022.


Our work with corporate clients like Twitter, Uber, and Google uncovered a huge pain point: the need for an easy, personalized tool that leverages data to build client relationships.

Now, we've launched Present, an AI-powered platform for strengthening relationships at work and at home. Why, you ask? Because according to an 85-year Harvard study, strong relationships are the #1 predictor of whether you're going to have a healthy and happy life. Struggling relationships at work have also resulted in a trillion dollars that U.S. businesses are losing every year due to voluntary turnover, per Gallup.

We've built Present so you can win new clients, cement relationships with old friends, and keep them all feeling like:

The Relationship Matters 

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