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Gifts by Chinese Zodiac Sign

It’s the year of the Rabbit! The sign of the Rabbit is a symbol of longevity, peace, and prosperity in Chinese culture, and 2023 is predicted to be a year of hope.

Whether gifting for a birthday, baby shower, or work anniversary, check out some of our gift ideas by Chinese Zodiac Sign. Learn about Chinese Zodiac Years here.

The Rat:

Charming and sociable, the Rat loves anything that shines. Jewelry can be especially received well by those born under this sign. Who doesn’t love a little bling?

The Ox:

Serious and elegant, the Ox likes simple gifts. Oxen especially like gifts that are useful to them in their daily life, at work or at home.

The Tiger:

Magnetic and impetuous, Tigers are known to be generous and imaginative in their choice of gifts and don’t necessarily expect a return of their (sometimes reckless) extravagance.

The Rabbit:

Appreciative of comfort, the Rabbit values gifts that improve her/his comfort and add harmony to the home. Like this succulent Verdant Garden from Lula’s Garden:

The Dragon:

Extravagant and sexy, the Dragon likes to party. The Dragon loves accessories, provided that they a diamond?

The Snake:

Refined and subtle, the Snake appreciates gifts that can refine his/her degree of knowledge and culture.

The Horse:

Casual and elegant, the Horse is a lover of the great outdoors. Consider compact, mobile, and practical accessories as gifts. Check out this Pickleball Set by Recess Pickleball:

The Goat:

Sensual and delicate, the Goat has a proud and distinguished look. Goats appreciate gifts that will be really useful for them, based on their activities and leisure time.

The Monkey:

Confident and mischievous, the Monkey is at ease in any kind of environment. The Monkey appreciates any kind of gift, as long as she/he doesn’t feel obliged to reciprocate.

The Rooster:

Stylish and flashy, the Rooster is extremely anxious about looks and appreciates jewelry and the finer things.

The Dog:

Traditional and nuanced, the Dog appreciates gifts that allow her/him to relax and stay entertained. Consider this Stargazing Puzzle by Jiggy:

The Pig:

Graceful, chic, and neat, the Pig likes fashion. The Pig especially likes gifts that contribute to emphasizing her/his elegance.

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