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What to write
in a birthday card

Send a handwritten birthday card!

What to write in a birthday card

A birthday is a moment you want to show up with more than just a text message. But sometimes, it can be hard to think of exactly what to write in a handwritten birthday card, even if you know the person well! Try one of these options to make your birthday greeting stand out from the crowd.

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What to write in a birthday card for a coworker

"Happy Birthday! This has been quite a year, and I'm always going to remember the time we [insert your favorite memory with this person from the past year]. I can't wait to see what this personal new year brings you. Know that you deserve every great thing headed your way, and I'm on board for every new adventure."

What to write in a birthday card for a friend

"Happy Birthday! I hope you know this every day, but today is a great time to say it: I'm so grateful to have you in my life. You are [insert your top 3 favorite characteristics about this person] and any room is always more fun with you in it. Take some time today to relax and take care of yourself, you deserve it!"

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Let us send the
card for you.

What to write in a birthday card for your boss

"Happy Birthday! Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with and to learn from; you make working at [Company] so great. Wishing you all the happiness and relaxation as you celebrate today, and a wonderful and successful year to come!"

What to write in a birthday card for a client

"Happy Birthday, [Name]! We're so glad that you're part of the [business name] family. [Insert a funny or personal anecdote about your favorite interaction with the person this year.] May this personal new year be your best one yet. We can't wait to watch you succeed and work alongside you to make it happen."

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