Who We Are

Present helps companies engage & retain employees with easy, hyper-personalized gifting. Recognizing your people--at the right time, in the right way--makes them want to stay and grow within your company. Think of us as your Chief Retention Officer in software form.

  • 2 out of 3 employees don't feel appreciated by their company.
  • 80% say meaningful gifts increase their sense of connection.

Never miss an important moment, like a birthday or work anniversary. You'll show up right on time with the perfect gift or card, all matching your budget and their taste.

All you have to do is press send to take your team from "meh" to "YEAH!"

Streamlined Experience
Streamlined Experience

Present's AI-based platform connects straight to your HR system or CRM.

It's supplemented with data from your team about their own preferences (are they vegan? avoid alcohol?) and continues to learn about them to suggest the perfect way to make them feel appreciated.

  • Get alerts when a special occasion is coming up

  • Save your People team over 40 hours a month

  • & many more
  • Customize budgets & track spend across teams

  • Partner with 500+ value based brands

Who We've Helped

From small business to enterprise, across industries, we're for all companies that want to make their employees feel valued.